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Aneurin Bevan
University Health Board

Improving access to mental health support and population outcomes

“The evidence base behind Be Mindful is highly reassuring. For us as a public health team, evidence and evaluation are key, so being able to look at the data ourselves in real-time on the management portal, as well as the published research studies, is hugely valuable.”

Jackie Williams

Jackie Williams, Senior Public Health Practitioner, ABUHB

Due to the significant impact of the pandemic on people's mental health and wellbeing, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board (ABUHB), the local health board of NHS Wales for Gwent sought to make available an evidence-based resource that could help people protect and improve their mental wellbeing. The Be Mindful MBCT program was selected for the strength and quality of the published research behind it and included on the ABUHB's mental wellbeing resource website, Melo, with program completers enjoying significant mental health improvements.

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Crossroads, Arizona

Creating a digital care package for recovering opioid/fentanyl outpatients

"Be Mindful is great. Large reductions in client anxiety is a crucial outcome as it's a primary trigger of substance abuse. The solid research and data behind Be Mindful provided the validation we required to adopt it and our programme results are fantastic."

Dillon Stewart

Dillon Stewart, Community Day Programme Manager, Crossroads

Crossroads Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Service in Arizona sought digital therapeutic tools to create a complementary package of user-friendly digital therapies with evidenced efficacy for an all-male group with a chronic relapse history and co-occurring mental health disorders. Be Mindful's supportive, on-demand nature and the empowering self-management skills learned have enable Crossroads' clients to utilise them independently as they reintegrate into the community while on the Crossroads outpatient programme, and beyond, helping to prevent relapse.

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NHS Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight CCG

Supporting chronic pain patients by enhancing pain management programme with digital delivery.

"The online service quickly became an important part of the pain management programme, sometimes as a stand alone intervention and sometimes alongside other courses of treatment."

Katie Clough

Katie Clough, Physio & Community Outpatients Lead & Advanced Practitioner Physio, IOW NHS Trust

Since 2017, Isle of Wight NHS CCG has been offering the Pathway through Pain digital Pain Management Programme (PMP) to its chronic pain patients across the Island in both primary and secondary care settings. Engaging with this digital solution has enabled suitable patients to receive immediate, generic guidance to help them self-manage their conditions, and has increased service capacity, significantly reduced patient treatment waiting times and reduced the overall workload of staff, while empowering patients with more flexibility and choice to take control of their treatment.

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Promoting remote staff mental wellbeing by delivering engaging, high-quality content for a successful mental health initiative.

"We knew we needed to do something that would promote mental health among our employees. After demonstrating the platform to our internal 'ambassadors', it became clear that Meditainment would suit us perfectly."

Annice Cheong

Annice Cheong, Associate HR Manager ASEAN Regional Office, Reckitt

Reckitt, a multinational consumer goods company wanted to offer an online meditation experience as part of their charitable Move or Meditate mental health initiative. The Meditainment guided meditation program was assessed and selected for its highly engaging content and ease of use. The week-long campaign was a huge success, with many participants saying the program significantly helped them reduce anxiety and improve sleep, and continues to be used by staff at Reckitt many months on.

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Anglian Water

Prioritising quality, choice, and confidentiality for a successful mental health and wellbeing initiative

"Making Be Mindful available to all our staff has provided a highly effective, self-help solution they can access anonymously and in their own time."

Sarah Barton

Sarah Barton, Occupational Health & Wellbeing Manager, Anglian Water

Recognising that stress, anxiety and other mental health issues were contributing to sickness absence, Anglian Water's Occupational Health department sought an additional tool to sit alongside their EAP service and help employees to self-manage their mental health. Be Mindful stood out for its relevance to the needs of staff, its online accessibility, its endorsement from academic research, and its ability to report on clinically validated, mental health outcomes. Be Mindful continues to deliver a high-quality program to Anglian Water staff, achieving outstanding participant feedback that reinforces the significant, positive outcomes it produces for program completers.

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Delivering clinical-grade digital therapies to patients through platform interoperability

"The data we provide allows services to validate the effectiveness of these tools, providing clinicians and therapists the ability to accurately monitor their patients and have this data as part of a single patient record."

Fiona Dawson

Fiona Dawson, Director, Mayden

Mayden's Prism hub enables the seamless integration between IAPTus - the leading digital care record for NHS IAPT services - and a growing number of partner companies delivering high-quality digital therapies. Wellmind Health's platform and products satisfied the high standard Mayden demanded for this integration, having already passed the NHS DAQ2 quality control for digital therapies. With Wellmind Health's tools connected to the platform, the onboarding of individuals involves no more than the simple click of a button for therapists and clinicians.

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Circle Health

Successfully embedding the digital therapeutic into their existing Pain Management Programme to better support its chronic pain patients

"The figures are at par with any of the pain management programmes running, or slightly better."

Chetan Gulati

Chetan Gulati, APP Pain Team Leader, Circle Health

Circle Health Group is one of the largest independent healthcare providers in the UK. In 2020, Pathway through Pain digital Pain was integrated into Circle's Pain Management Programme (PMP), providing a blended care solution as an alternative to face-to-face only consultations. Circle Health found Pathway through Pain to be uniquely positioned to support pain sufferers during the COVID pandemic and beyond. With hundreds of patients benefitting, the digital therapeutic is now a default part of the PMP offered to all Circle Health's chronic pain patients.

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Assessing the benefits of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for call centre employees







Using a randomised waitlist control design, a study investigating the impact of an online mindfulness intervention on work situation awareness, and other measures of occupational health was conducted with over 130 UK-based call centre employees at Zurich Insurance, in mixed home/office environments. Informing the doctoral thesis of Dr Emma Sanchez-Walker at the University of Surrey, the study utilised the Be Mindful program and sought to demonstrate whether a mindfulness intervention could measurably improve the job satisfaction and wellbeing of employees. The study provided clear evidence for the effectiveness of online mindfulness in a workplace environment and indicated long-term mental health and wellbeing benefits for employers and employees. 

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Stillwater Public Library, Oklahoma

Focusing on quality, accessibility and confidentiality in supporting community mental health







Recognising the needs of its members, the library sought to establish a wellbeing initiative and realised that digital channels could provide an easy way to extend their services and support mental health in the community. The library soon discovered Be Mindful and recognised that this program is one of very few that met the stringent standards of the UK's National Health Service. Following a quick setup, in February 2021 Stillwater Public Library launched Be Mindful as part of the library's stress-reduction health literacy efforts. While there were important learnings from the rollout, the key takeaway was that every lesson viewed can be life-enhancing and for those who followed the program through to completion, the statistical results have been extremely positive.

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Good Thinking

A city-wide initiative to promote proactive self-care of mental health

"It's not just about statistical measurements, it's actually making a significant difference to someone's life."

Richard Graham

Richard Graham, Clinical Director, Good Thinking

Good Thinking is a free-to-use online mental wellbeing service promoting proactive self-care of mental health conditions to residents and workers of London. With a key aim to provide effective support for common mental health disorders, especially for people that may have difficulty engaging with a traditional NHS service, Good Thinking reviewed many of the best and most popular mental health apps available. Be Mindful was identified as one of the leading and most established digital therapeutic products in the mental health space. Easily integrating into their suite of offerings, Be Mindful provides a high-quality confidential programme to thousands of Londoners, with outstanding participant feedback reinforcing the significant, positive outcomes it generates for program completers.

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Kent NHS Community Chronic Pain Service

Adding digital to the delivery of their Pain Management Programmes

"Having Pathway through Pain to access enabled us to move to a fully digital pathway"

Colin Bullen

Colin Bullen, Advanced Chronic Pain Practitioner, Kent Community Health NHS FT

Facing the same challenge as many clinics in the UK: How to continue supporting patients with chronic pain within the Covid-19 restrictions, the Pain Service moved quickly to an almost fully digital service. As a direct result of the pandemic, the clinic increased its use of Pathway through Pain; the digital PMP enabling them to continue providing support to their chronic pain patients, as well as reach a cohort of patients they previously couldn't access.

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Guildford Borough Council

Prioritising quality, choice and confidentiality for a successful staff mental health and wellbeing initiative

"Very easy to measure the impact and report results into our corporate health and safety group"

Jon 2

Jon Formby, HR Business Partner, Guildford Borough Council

With the local government heading into phases of restructuring, the Council sought evidence-based wellbeing solutions, with a particular focus on tools that helped reduce and manage stress and increase resilience, so employees were better equipped to cope during the changes. Having satisfied the Council's high IG & IS standards, the Be Mindful digital MBCT program was included in the options offered to staff, providing a highly flexible alternative to group sessions, particularly useful during the covid-19 working restrictions.

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Buckinghamshire NHS Chronic Pain & Fatigue Management Service

Empowering patients with more choice and control of their pain management

"Activating someone on the programme is really quick, which is definitely helping with wait times"

Holly Parker image

Holly Parker, Assistant Psychologist, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

In 2012, Buckinghamshire Chronic Pain Service became one of the first NHS services to provide Pathway through Pain to its patients and offer both face-to-face and digital Pain Management Programmes (PMPs). Pathway through Pain continues to be an integral part of the service, providing patients with self-empowerment and control over their treatment plan, while significantly reducing waiting lists and administrative time for the clinical team.

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Somerset NHS Community Pain Management Service

Scaling self-management support with high-quality, cost-effective digital delivery

"Pathway through Pain is now integral to our service. It improves the quality life of the patients we serve."

Dr. Alf Collins

Dr. Alf Collins, Consultant in Pain Medicine, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

With a key focus to find a cost-effective method of delivering a high-quality intensive Pain Management Programme to a large population as part of their shift to become a primarily self-management support (SMS) service, the Somerset NHS Community Pain Management Service have offered the digital PMP to its chronic pain patients since 2012. Pathway through Pain is a core element of the Service, allowing it to improve quality at a population level while also focusing on value.