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Kent NHS Community Chronic Pain Service

Adding digital to the delivery of their Pain Management Programmes

Facing the same challenge as many clinics in the UK: How to continue supporting patients with chronic pain within the Covid-19 restrictions, the Pain Service moved quickly to an almost fully digital service. As a direct result of the pandemic, the clinic increased its use of Pathway through Pain; the digital PMP enabling them to continue providing support to their chronic pain patients, as well as reach a cohort of patients they previously couldn't access.

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Guildford Borough Council

Prioritising quality, choice and confidentiality for a successful staff mental health and wellbeing initiative

With the local government heading into phases of restructuring, the Council sought evidence-based wellbeing solutions, with a particular focus on tools that helped reduce and manage stress and increase resilience, so employees were better equipped to cope during the changes. Having satisfied the Council's high IG & IS standards, the Be Mindful digital MBCT course was included in the options offered to staff, providing a highly flexible alternative to group sessions, particularly useful during the covid-19 working restrictions.

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Buckinghamshire NHS Chronic Pain & Fatigue Management Service

Empowering patients with more choice and control of their pain management

In 2012, Buckinghamshire Chronic Pain Service became one of the first NHS services to provide Pathway through Pain to its patients and offer both face-to-face and digital Pain Management Programmes (PMPs). Pathway through Pain continues to be an integral part of the service, providing patients with self-empowerment and control over their treatment plan, while significantly reducing waiting lists and administrative time for the clinical team.

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