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Our Story

The Wellmind Health team is dedicated to developing and providing Digital Therapeutic (DTx) courses that make a real and lasting impact on real lives. Our founders first recognised the incredible potential of digital mental health training in 2002 when they connected their backgrounds in web production with efforts to improve their own mental health.

We take great pride in the outstanding user feedback our courses generate and the regulatory compliance accreditations they receive. All our courses comply with UK healthcare Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) for clinical safety, data protection, technical security, interoperability, usability and accessibility.

Millions of people experience mental health issues each year and suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis. Depression, stress, anxiety and chronic pain take their toll. They have a deep impact on individual lives, careers and futures, affect partners and family members, and require significant levels of care and support from health services. Whether accessed via clinicians, employers or by individuals themselves, our digital courses are here to help people take control and lead a better quality of life.

Our Platform

Wellmind Health courses run entirely upon our Digital Therapeutics (DTx) platform, that was created exclusively for the development and delivery of therapeutic interventions, and the reporting of their clinical effectiveness. Our highly specialized, cloud-based DTx platform is accessible via a secure web-based management interface. This interface enables administrators, clinicians and therapists to manage course participants, monitor engagement and satisfaction with a course, and report on their self-assessed mental health outcomes, using a variety of clinical outcome measurements.


Our DTx platform offers a fully featured, extensible API, with role-based permissions that enable integration with healthcare platforms. It's security-focused, cloud-based architecture adheres to strict security, compliance, and risk management controls.

The platform is regulatory compliant for the delivery of a digital therapeutic in clinical settings in the UK, European Union, Canada and USA.

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Please get in touch if you need to discuss how we can integrate any of our courses with your own systems.


Richard Latham|CEO & Co-founder
Richard Latham
Will Mulder|CTO & Co-founder
Will Mulder
Rebecca Millard|Client Services Director
Rebecca Millard
Sarah Germaney|Account Director
Sarah Germaney
Pad Bray|Communications Director
Pad Bray
Rosie Davies|Account Manager
Rosie Davies
Cecily Proctor|Client Services Manager
Cecily Proctor
Jess Latham|Account Manager
Jess Latham
Stephen Christie|Chairman
Stephen Christie
Mark Hunt|Strategic Advisor
Mark Hunt
Rich Clayton|UX Lead
Rich Clayton
Amy Dron|Communications Advisor
Amy Dron

"We've provided staff with a whole range of mental health support resources, including Be Mindful. One of the driving forces at the start was the flexibility of the Be Mindful programme, allowing people to self-manage, and do it when it fits them best."

HR Business Partner
Guildford Borough Council

"We always enjoyed speaking to the Wellmind Health technical team - having great conversations that explored possibilities and clarified exactly how the systems would work together. It's been a really enjoyable and productive partnership."

Implementation Coordinator

"With its listing on the NHS Apps Library, an RCT showing significant efficacy, and a track record of NHS commissions, and with real benefits associated with primary care referral, Be Mindful was a priority of ours for listing on the EMIS Apps Library. We're very much looking forward to help scale the benefits of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy"

Co-Lead & Associate Director
AppScript by IQVIA

"Be Mindful is a really helpful and creative way for us to appeal to a wider client demographic within our IAPT service. Clients have benefitted from being able to access a structured online course in the comfort of their own home. We have been really pleased with the service and would recommend to other IAPT providers."

Assistant Clinical Director
Faversham Counselling Service

"Engaging in the Pathway through Pain programme has absolutely been a positive change in the way that we work. Activating someone on the programme is really quick, and it's quite easy which is definitely helping with wait times."

Assistant Psychologist
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

"Be Mindful has enabled clients at Inclusion Thurrock to access mindfulness in a way that suits them and fits into their lives. Wellmind have been supportive in the integration of Be Mindful into our service and have continued to be there with quick responses to any queries along the way."

CfD Counsellor & cCBT Co-ordinator
Inclusion Thurrock (NHS MPFT)

“Pathway through Pain is a core element of our service. Patients don’t have to wait for treatments to fail before they are offered the programme - very often they go on the programme after just 1 or 2 sessions of seeing us.”

Consultant in Pain Medicine
Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

"One clear reason for opting for Be Mindful is that it had evidently been tried and tested and had received medical validation. It's also very easy to measure the impact and report results into our corporate health and safety group."

HR Business Partner
Guildford Borough Council

"Be Mindful is extremely helpful for our clients. It is a great relapse prevention measure and I have had reports that they continue to practice long after the programme has finished. As for the support from Be Mindful admin, it is second to none."

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Rotherham IAPT - RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust

“The flexibility in the course delivery has been excellent, enabling staff to complete the lessons in their own time - and the results achieved by those completing have been very encouraging.”

Occupational Health & Wellbeing Manager
Anglian Water

"We currently have a pilot programme in operation, the system is easy to use for administration/enrolment of participants and our nominated contact Rebecca is always available for assistance and is very helpful"

HR Officer
Durham County Council

“We know that employee stress and anxiety can come from any angle – at both work and home – but we also know that talking therapies are not suited to everyone. Making Be Mindful available to all our staff has provided a highly effective, self-help solution they can access anonymously and in their own time.”

Occupational Health & Wellbeing Manager
Anglian Water

"The online programme enables patients to engage with education quickly. Since COVID-19, it really has been a godsend. Following government guidelines, our face-to-face programme had to be suspended and having Pathway through Pain to access enabled us to move to a fully digital pathway, while incorporating psychoeducation."

Advanced Chronic Pain Practitioner
Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

"I call it a gold standard. We frequently quote the user feedback because the reviews we receive are profoundly moving. Some people achieve a recovery using Be Mindful that would be almost difficult for any clinical service to achieve."

Clinical Director
Good Thinking

"Pathway through Pain is what I call 'a strong tool', one that we can trust. Our clinicians, technology and projects team have all been involved in its onboarding, so we are very clear about its value. We're really pleased to have it available now as an integral component of our pain service."

APP Pain Team Leader
Circle Health

“What's amazing for me is that once people have learned these Mindfulness techniques, they keep using them. Receiving so many stories of participants’ lived experience is also really important. It's not just about statistical measurements, it's actually making a significant difference to someone’s life.”

Clinical Director
Good Thinking

"The staff at Wellmind Health have been a pleasure to work with, their service has been first class - prompt, professional and personable. The course has been well received by my colleagues and our customers who have completed it."

Training Lead, Community Investment
Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing

"Always a quick response from the administrators if needing additional support or support for clients. Issues dealt with promptly and effectively (although there aren't many). Clients tell us it is easy to use, although at times 'challenging' (in that the material 'opens their eyes' to different opportunities to experience good mental health). All round good service and value of money"

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Rotherham IAPT - RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust

"Pathway through Pain has opened up a cohort of patients we weren't able to access previously. Housebound patients with internet access are now able to benefit from a virtual pain pathway and PTP is important in their psychoeducation."

Advanced Chronic Pain Practitioner
Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

"I've found the uptake of Be Mindful to be excellent. The provider is extremely efficient & accommodating. The platform allows me to see participant progress & engagement with simple reporting, saves me time & demonstrates impact to commissioners. Most importantly, practitioners find it a useful tool to move people closer to work by helping them better manage their mental health"

Service Manager & Lead Senior Health Advisor
Ingeus Work and Health Programme

"Pathway through Pain is now integral to our pain service. It improves the quality of life of the patients we serve - and its improved my quality of life no end; I don’t tell patient after patient the same thing time and again in my clinic - the course does it for me!"

Consultant in Pain Medicine
Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

"When we first started Prism, it was challenging for some clinicians to recognise the benefits of digital. Working with partners like Wellmind Health has changed all of that, because clinicians now have the reassurance that they can interact with the digital platforms to capture data and see exactly what's happening with each patient. The data we provide allows services to validate the effectiveness of these tools, providing clinicians and therapists the ability to accurately monitor their patients and have this data as part of a single patient record."


"The figures are at par with any of the pain management programmes running, or slightly better. The advantage of this kind of technology is that you don't have to see the patient every week - there is simply less of a requirement for direct patient contact. While closely monitored by their clinician, patients are empowered to learn and self-manage."

APP Pain Team Leader
Circle Health

“Pathway through Pain is now integral to our pain service. It improves the quality of life of the patients we serve - and its improved my quality of life no end; I don’t tell patient after patient the same thing time and again in my clinic - the course does it for me!“

Consultant in Pain Medicine
Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

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