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This accessible drug-free digital program was developed by Wellmind Health and Versus Arthritis to empower people living with arthritis with the skills and knowledge to better self-manage persistent pain, so it's no longer in control and they can move forward with a reduced impact of arthritis and improved quality of life.

The objective of the program is for participants to improve their health questionnaire scores for Anxiety (GAD-7), Depression (PHQ-9) and Musculoskeletal Health (MSK-HQ). This is achieved through the practice of pain self-management methods, exercise, lifestyle changes and cognitive approaches learnt throughout the program. 

Clinical-grade digital therapeutic
 Simple to setup & maintain
Secure Management Portal
Reach housebound patients
Reduce treatment waiting lists
Ongoing professional support

The program is a class 1 medical device and maintains the highest standards for clinical safety, data protection, technical security, interoperability, usability and accessibility.

Pathway Through Arthritis
"A must for anyone living in pain with these conditions. Very engaging. Great tips to support my self-management."

Program Participant

Pathway Through Arthritis
"Enjoyed the whole thing, the short videos were clear and to the point, I especially liked the relaxation sessions."

Program Participant

Pathway Through Arthritis
"It has given me the tools I need to live life to the full despite having this debilitating condition."

Program Participant

Key Features

Accessible & Flexible

Web-based and on-demand, simple to follow and easy to access from mobile, tablet or desktop, with no time limits or restrictions

Guided & Supported

Expert-led video tutorials explain how and why each technique works with motivational emails encouraging engagement

Lasting Benefits

Preliminary clinical trials show effectiveness and participants report lasting benefits and high satisfaction ratings

Holistic Intervention

As persistent pain affects the mind and body, participants learn psychological and physical techniques to effectively manage pain

Engaging & Empowering

Participants develop skills to self-manage arthritis pain, taking back control over pain and reducing its daily impact for an improved quality of life

Outcome Reporting

Participants report their progress using self-assessment tools throughout the program. Progress and outcomes are reported to their sponsor via a unique management portal
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Pathway through Arthritis


Become a partner

With our licensing solutions, we supply you with all the tools to offer and provide Pathway through Arthritis in a healthcare or enterprise setting. Our accompanying specialised yet simple-to-use Management Portal makes delivering this digital treatment simple and measuring its effectiveness effortless.

Pathway through Arthritis utilises clinical assessments (Anxiety GAD7, Depression PHQ9, Musculoskeletal Health MSK-HQ) and outcome reports.

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Quick and easy enrolment
Health outcome reports
Engagement reports
Qualitative feedback
Professional support