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Wellmind Health was introduced to Mayden in 2016 by the UK's Mental Health Foundation. The company soon became a key partner, delivering clinically validated mental health therapies through Mayden's Prism hub.

The Prism hub was designed to enable seamless integration between iaptus - the leading digital care record for NHS IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) services - and a growing number of partner companies delivering high-quality digital therapies.

Wellmind Health's platform and products satisfied the high standards Mayden demanded for this integration, having already passed the stringent requirements of the NHS DAQ2 quality control for digital therapies.

Reducing the technical barriers to the onboarding of partners, the Prism hub has thrived. There are presently 20 partners utilising the hub, with around 400,000 clinical contacts being actioned every year.

The focus on technical system interoperability on all sides ultimately resulted in a unique, patient-centred data ecosystem that delivers rapid access to treatment as well as significant time efficiencies for clinicians and administrative staff. This ultimately provides all parties with the benefits of accurate, secure and timely service and treatment data.


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"Wellmind Health's collaboration with Mayden is very significant as it has enabled more patients in need to gain immediate access to the NHS-approved digital therapies we have developed. Therapists and clinicians using iaptus receive treatment data back from our courses into a single patient record, contained in a system that they use every day. This is done highly-securely and in (almost) real-time."

Wellmind Health

"We always enjoyed speaking to the Wellmind Health technical team - having great conversations that explored possibilities and clarified exactly how the systems would work together. It's been a really enjoyable and productive partnership."

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The integration of multiple data platforms is always an extensive undertaking. With the IAPT dataset dictating many of the specifications, the Prism hub was designed to aid the onboarding of partners by significantly reducing the barriers to implementation, while maintaining data integrity and security. With Wellmind Health's tools connected to the platform, the onboarding of individual participants involves no more than a simple click of a button for therapists and clinicians.


Wellmind Health's secure API enables interoperability with established systems and datasets. The transfer of relevant data updates occurs in almost real time. Clinicians and therapists review treatment status and outcome data as part of the single patient record for each individual receiving care.

Maximising the Benefits

The development focus on data standards that facilitate interoperability has ensured that Wellmind Health is ideally positioned to integrate with partner platforms such as Prism. Because of this interoperability, system users ultimately enjoy the two central benefits of:


Research shows that the sooner patient engagement occurs, the more likely recovery is to happen. Prism provides a single, quick action button within patient records that allows the immediate onboarding of patients and a significant reduction in administration efforts usually required to facilitate engagement with a therapeutic service.


The accurate capture and tracking of data is essential for excellent patient care. It not only informs therapists and clinicians of responses to treatment, it also helps highlight where action may be required to improve patient support. Establishing the secure and automated transfer of high-quality data is crucial to ensure services are working well, and patients are receiving the treatment they deserve.

Utilising the Prism hub, many clinicians have discovered the efficacy of Wellmind Health’s digital therapeutics; proven tools that can be easily integrated into patient pathways for a seamless journey that securely feeds into a single patient record.

"When we first started Prism, it was challenging for some clinicians to recognise the benefits of digital. Working with partners like Wellmind Health has changed all of that, because clinicians now have the reassurance that they can interact with the digital platforms to capture data and see exactly what's happening with each patient. The data we provide allows services to validate the effectiveness of these tools, providing clinicians and therapists the ability to accurately monitor their patients and have this data as part of a single patient record."


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