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Contact: Annice Cheong, HR, ASEAN Regional Office

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Identify an enjoyable and effective, digital solution to support staff mental health

Easy enrolment and clear reporting on engagement

A viable solution for the charitable 'Move or Meditate' campaign

Ensure ease of use and flexibility of access across multiple devices

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Meditainment - an online guided meditation program

Accessible and on demand web-app, compatible with all devices, including smartphones

NHS DTAC-compliant and evidence-based

Visual analytics dashboard showing anonymised usage stats and user feedback

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Reckitt employees clocked up over 300 hours of Meditainment over a 3 month period

Provision of improved accessibility and flexibility in the delivery of effective mental health support

Viable, remote, self-care access made available to all employees

Over SGD 20,000 raised to support the Singapore Association for Mental Health

"Considering the fast-paced nature of our industry and the mental strains of the ongoing pandemic, we knew we needed to do something that would promote mental health among our employees. After demonstrating the platform to our internal 'ambassadors', it became clear that Meditainment would suit us perfectly."

Associate HR Manager
Reckitt ASEAN Regional Office

"Meditainment is a no-brainer. With mental health being highlighted as a global issue, this solution has proven to be effective and dummy-proof; easy to set-up and easy to follow. I'd definitely recommend it."

Associate HR Manager
Reckitt ASEAN Regional Office


The Singapore office of multinational consumer goods company, Reckitt, wanted to provide an online meditation experience as part of their charitable Move or Meditate mental health initiative.

The initiative was conceived to promote staff wellbeing at a time when many were required to work from home, as well as to raise funds for the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH).

Meditainment, Wellmind Health's guided meditation program, was assessed by internal 'ambassadors' at Reckitt and selected for its highly engaging content and ease of use.

Wellmind supplied ready-made resources to support Reckitt's internal communications and advised on promotional content and FAQs. A customised self-registration page was then provided for staff to sign up and access the content at their own pace.

The week-long campaign was a huge success. Meditainment participants found the experience overwhelmingly positive, with many saying the program significantly helped them reduce anxiety and improve sleep, and SAMH received a donation of more than SGD 20,000.

Many months after the campaign concluded, Meditainment continues to be used by staff at Reckitt; bearing testimony to the significant, positive outcomes it delivers for remotely located staff in a fast-paced industry.

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