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Stillwater Public Library, Oklahoma

Main contact: Stacy DeLano, Library Director

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Identify a solution that can effectively support wellbeing of community members

Reduce stress and anxiety

Offer a credible, high-quality program that enables anytime access

Provide a solution that minimises staff administration time and effort

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Digital Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy programme, made available via website

Clinically proven and approved by UK’s NHS

Accessible and on demand web-app, compatible with all devices

Dashboard including anonymised analytics showing clear success and effectiveness measurements

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Course completers recorded very high, clinically validated results:

53% reduction in depression

44% reduction in anxiety

31% reduction in stress

Improved access to mental health support

4.7-star average user rating

Participant Feedback

Be Mindful
"I found the exercises in this course very useful, easy, and powerful. I have reduced my anxiety and depression. I am working on sleeping better. The best thing I felt this course provided was the permission to be kind to myself and quit beating myself up over my failings. Thank you.”

Participant Testimonial

Be Mindful
"Because the course was online, I was able to participate and practice almost every day. The videos allowed me to hear the instructors' guidance during practice, which was very useful. I found myself looking forward to my daily practice during the course."

Participant Testimonial

Be Mindful
"I learned a lot from this course. It definitely takes commitment to complete. Even though the instruction segments take only an hour a week, the assignments take about half an hour every day, as they have the greatest impact when integrated into your daily routine. The results are well worth this time and effort, for anyone interested.”

Participant Testimonial


In Feb 2021, Stillwater Public Library launched the self-paced, four-week Be Mindful course as part of the library's stress-reduction health literacy efforts - made possible through a grant from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Recognising the needs of its members, the library had sought to establish a wellbeing initiative for some time and, with a grant available, realised that digital channels could provide an easy way to extend their services and support mental health in the community.

Several different online programs were considered but many patrons were now tired of live, online classes. A self-paced, digital program became a primary consideration - especially one that would not demand a lot of staff contact.

The library soon discovered Be Mindful and recognised that this program is one of very few that met the stringent standards of the UK's National Health Service (NHS). The program was set up very quickly and was then opened to members who could register on the library's webpage.

There were some important learnings from the rollout. Ultimately, participants themselves must take responsibility for their mental health and there was a lower follow-through from those who had not realised that active engagement would be required. Additionally, it was recognised that when services are provided free of charge, those who signed-up may not have been so committed to activating or completing the course.

Every lesson viewed can be life-enhancing and for those who followed the course through to completion, the statistical results have been extremely positive.

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