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Guildford Borough Council, Human Resources

Main contact: Jon Formby, HR Business Partner

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Identify solutions that reduce stress and increase resilience to support staff wellbeing

Deliver more choice and flexibility for staff

Reduce stress-related sick days and absences

Offer a high-quality digital option providing participant confidentiality and strict GDPR, IS and IG compliance

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Digital Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy programme, easily integrated into wellbeing initiatives

Clinically proven and NHS-approved

Accessible on demand and web-app compatible with all devices, including smartphones

Dashboard including anonymised analytics showing clear success and effectiveness measurements

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Less stress-related absenteeism / sick days recorded

Be Mindful participants recorded:
51% reduction in depression
42% reduction in anxiety
26% reduction in stress

Improved accessibility and flexibility in delivery

Viable option for staff remote working during COVID-19 restrictions

"I call it a gold standard. We frequently quote the user feedback because the reviews we receive are profoundly moving. Some people achieve a recovery using Be Mindful that would be almost difficult for any clinical service to achieve."

Clinical Director
Good Thinking

"We've provided staff with a whole range of mental health support resources, including Be Mindful. One of the driving forces at the start was the flexibility of the Be Mindful programme, allowing people to self-manage, and do it when it fits them best."

HR Business Partner
Guildford Borough Council

Independent Feedback

Be Mindful
“Most helpful if you are prone to stress and anxiety as it gives you coping mechanisms to look after your mental health.”

Independent Participant Review

Be Mindful
“I am facing a difficult situation at the moment and the Be Mindful course is helping me a lot, to handle my stress, my anxiety, and the new challenges I have to face. I see things differently now. I feel calmer and happier, less caught up in negative thoughts.”

Independent Participant Review

Be Mindful

“Attending this course, l learned to handle many issues which arise during my work life. Now l am more relaxed, calm, and able to support myself and the people I work with.”

Independent Participant Review


Guildford Borough Council expanded its wellbeing resources to provide more choice and better opportunities for staff to find the mental health solution best suited to their individual needs.

In 2019, with the local government heading into phases of restructuring, the Council sought evidence-based wellbeing solutions, in addition to 24/7 counselling offered by an EAP. Particular focus was placed on tools that helped reduce and manage stress and increased resilience, so employees were better equipped to cope during the changes.

Assessing a range of solutions that covered topics such as diet, physical exercise, meditation and mindfulness, the practicalities of scheduling group sessions at times suitable for attendees became a clear challenge. Having satisfied the Council’s high IG and IS standards, the Be Mindful digital mindfulness-based cognitive therapy program was included in the options offered to staff, providing a highly flexible alternative to group sessions.

Council employees self-register to gain immediate access to the Be Mindful web-app via a bespoke webpage, accessed via the staff intranet. Participants are able to complete the clinically proven course at their own pace, irrespective of location or schedule, and do so with complete confidentiality.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many staff members found adjusting to working remotely a challenge. In particular, younger employees struggled with the impact of enforced isolation. The availability of the Be Mindful program provided an accessible and effective option, allowing staff to self-manage and improve their own mental health, and their managers to monitor staff wellbeing.

Well structured, easy to follow and motivating.” 


Independent Participant Review

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