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Circle Health

Circle Health

Contact: Chetan Gulati, APP Pain Team Leader

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Provide a blended care solution as an alternative to face-to-face only consultations

Ensure that data on patient progress can be tracked and integrated with patient records

Provide a high-quality service within budgetary constraints

Address patient waiting times during COVID restrictions

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NHS-approved digital Pain Management Programme, seamlessly integrated with the existing Pain Service

Accessible and on demand web-app solution, compatible with all devices, including smartphones

Clinicians able to monitor patients' progress in detail and clearly measure effectiveness

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Improved accessibility, flexibility, and choice, especially helpful for patients with time constraints or mobility issues

20% average health improvement
19% reduction in patient depression
17% reduction in patient anxiety

Significantly reduced clinician consultation time and patient treatment waiting times

"The figures are at par with any of the pain management programmes running, or slightly better. The advantage of this kind of technology is that you don't have to see the patient every week - there is simply less of a requirement for direct patient contact. While closely monitored by their clinician, patients are empowered to learn and self-manage."

APP Pain Team Leader
Circle Health

"Pathway through Pain is what I call 'a strong tool', one that we can trust. Our clinicians, technology and projects team have all been involved in its onboarding, so we are very clear about its value. We're really pleased to have it available now as an integral component of our pain service."

APP Pain Team Leader
Circle Health

Patient Feedback

Pathway Through Pain

"Not so long ago I would have believed that pain was pain, and no amount of thinking would help. Well, I am happy to say that I entered the course with an open mind and found it extremely helpful and it makes a difference to my daily living."

Participant Testimonial

Pathway Through Pain

"The course has given me a clearer understanding of chronic pain and pain management and the effect my thoughts can have on my pain levels. I now feel more confident that I have the tools to help me. I wish I had done this course before"

Participant Testimonial

Pathway Through Pain

"When I first heard about this course, I was in some doubt that it would actually help. Surprisingly, I am happy to say this course has been enlightening! I have thoroughly enjoyed the expert videos and the helpful tips. The course is easy to do and manage at one's own pace."

Participant Testimonial


Circle Health Group is one of the largest independent healthcare providers in the UK, with 53 independent hospitals, rehabilitation services and care programmes.

In 2020, the organisation recognised a clear need to augment their current Pain Management Programme (PMP) with a digital solution that would be easy to engage with and would serve a broad range of chronic pain sufferers.

Pathway through Pain was trialled and rigorously assessed in terms of both clinical requirements and cost effectiveness. Having satisfied these, the digital therapeutic was integrated into Circle’s PMP, involving a seamless and secure data connection to incorporate individual patient data into Circle’s internal patient records.

The program content, delivered by recognised experts, was found to cover both anatomical and psychosocial issues commonly faced by pain sufferers. Ultimately, the clinicians tasked with testing the program were asked whether they would recommend it to somebody they knew but could not see face to face.

Circle Health found the Pathway through Pain course to be uniquely positioned to support pain sufferers during the COVID pandemic and now, with hundreds of patients benefitting from the value it continues to deliver, the program is now a default part of the PMP offered to all Circle Health chronic pain patients.

"This course has enabled me to be excited about the future"


Pathway through Pain Participant

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