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Chronic Pain Programme

Contact: Donna Claydon, Senior Commissioning Manager

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High demand and limited service capacity

Time-consuming consultations and interventions

Protracted patient waiting times

Effective, accessible, high-quality alternative sought within budgetary constraints

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An online Pain Management Programme, easy to integrate with the existing pain service

NHS DTAC Certified

Simple to follow and easy to access from all devices with no time limits or restrictions

Clinicians able to monitor participants' progress and measure effectiveness

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Significantly reduced clinician administrative time and patient treatment waiting times

Improved service capacity, accessibility, flexibility and choice

Patients empowered to take control of their treatment

17% Average Anxiety Reduction
12% Average Health Improvement
13% Average Depression Reduction

"The online service quickly became an important part of the pain management programme, sometimes as a stand alone intervention and sometimes alongside other courses of treatment."

Physio & Community Outpatients Lead & Advanced Practitioner Physio

"I've had some good feedback from patients. It's particularly helpful as a precursor to a pain clinic referral as it's something they can start on immediately and I don't feel like I've just left them waiting."

Physio & Community Outpatients Lead & Advanced Practitioner Physio

Patient Feedback

Pathway Through Pain
"At first I was very sceptical about the benefits of an online course and how it could possibly help me. I have been pleasantly surprised with the contents, explanations and ideas that have already made a difference to how I manage my pain."

Participant Testimonial

Pathway Through Pain
"Pathway through Pain is a breath of fresh air. This course has helped me each and every day through a difficult time. I feel empowered and able to manage things so much better."

Participant Testimonial

Pathway Through Pain
"The meditation has been really useful. I have definitely felt an improvement in my movements. It's really helped me sleep better so I feel I have more energy. It definitely has helped me with my overall pain and mobility."

Participant Testimonial


Isle of Wight NHS CCG Pain Management Service has been offering Pathway through Pain to its patients since 2017. The digital program delivers expert teaching, guidance on physical exercises, and mental health support for those dealing with chronic pain.

"We've seen demand on our services increase, especially following the Covid-19 lockdowns. MSK conditions have increased as more people have been sedentary and fewer people have been going to their GP until later in their condition development – partly out of concern regarding Covid-19 but also due to the overwhelming support residents have shown to help maintain NHS capacity at this time. After months of this, conditions have become more frequent and are of higher complexity."

Donna Claydon, Senior Commissioning Manager

Engaging with this digital solution has enabled suitable patients - higher volume, lower complexity cases - to receive immediate, generic guidance to help them self-manage their conditions. In the context of limited service capacity, this additional channel of support has significantly reduced patient waiting times and reduced the overall workload of staff.

Participants continue to show measurable, positive outcomes on completion of the program when utilising the embedded clinical assessments (GAD7, PHQ9, ODI and PSEQ). They report improved mobility and increased quality of life, as well as reduced scores for anxiety and depression.

Medical staff particularly appreciate that the digital platform enables a detailed tracking of patient engagement and outcomes, something that many other services are still unable to provide.

"The different tasks were all most useful and have helped me considerably. I would recommend the course to anyone who suffers from chronic pain."


Participant Testimonial

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