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Wellmind Health are excited to announce that our Be Mindful app is featured in a newly advanced version of the EMIS Health Apps Library, enabling 58% of GPs in England to recommend to patients our online Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course.

In collaboration with EMIS, IQVIA worked to create the enhanced version of the EMIS Apps Library to provide GPs with the ability to recommend clinically evaluated health apps via text or email to millions of NHS patients across England. The collaboration brings together EMIS Health's EMIS Web, the market leading clinical system for general practitioners (GPs) and IQVIA's AppScript®, an advanced digital health prescribing, monitoring and studies platform.

The EMIS App Library aims to enhance efficiency for GPs and clinical professionals, offering them the opportunity to prescribe established and trusted healthcare apps which have been proven to produce outstanding health outcomes for patients.


"With it's listing on the NHS Apps Library, a randomized control trial showing significant efficacy, and a track record of NHS commissions, and with real benefits associated with primary care referral, Be Mindful was a priority of ours for listing on the EMIS Apps Library. We're very much looking forward to working with the experienced team at Wellmind Health to help scale the benefits of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy across the NHS."

Brian Clancy, Co-Lead & Associate Director of AppScript by IQVIA

Be Mindful is one of nine health apps included in the EMIS Health Apps Library and is the only fully online Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course of its kind. The course has shown to be pivotal in reducing stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue for participants, with research indicating that course completers on average experience a 63% reduction in depression, a 58% reduction in anxiety and a 40% reduction in stress (Querstret, Cropley and Fife-Schaw, University of Surrey, 2018).

"We're delighted that our Be Mindful online course is included in EMIS App Library by AppScript®. We've observed over the years that people who are actively recommended Be Mindful by a clinician as an intervention for stress, anxiety or depression have far better engagement with the course than those who join it through other channels. These course participants are more motivated to carry out the mindfulness practices and homework that are necessary to enjoy the full benefits of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). So, for us, this is a highly significant opportunity to generate mental health recovery outcomes at a much larger scale."

Richard Latham - CEO, Wellmind Health

Be Mindful is not limited to a healthcare setting; it's also offered and provided to individuals in many different settings, including corporate environments, through charities, to healthcare workers, + many more, and anyone can access the course directly through the public website

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