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In support of World Mindfulness Day, NHS Talking Therapies IAPT Service, Inclusion Thurrock talk to UK charity, the Mental Health Foundation about their positive experience of providing the Be Mindful online mindfulness course to their service users.

Inclusion Thurrock are an NHS IAPT service
who offer talking therapies in Essex. They utilise the Be Mindful course with their service users as a standalone intervention therapy, as well as taking a blended care approach with therapists combining face-to-face therapy alongside the online course.

Be Mindful is a 4-week online Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course, fully evaluated for its effectiveness, evidence-based and backed-up by published research studies, including 2 RCTs.

Be Mindful is featured on the NHS Health Apps Library after satisfying rigorous NHS quality standards for clinical effectiveness, safety, usability and accessibility.

Tens of thousands of people have taken the course and report outstanding benefits of significantly reduced stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and rumination, as well as improved sleep quality and all-round feeling of wellbeing - the benefits for many are often life-changing!

Inclusion Thurrock also offer another digital therapy to their clients, which reinforces the whole ethos of an Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Service:

For me, it’s important to offer a digital package, as well as a face-to-face element; it improves people’s ability to access therapies. We use Silvercloud for our CBT and for mindfulness – Be Mindful.”  says, Claire Webb – Online Therapies Coordinator, Inclusion Thurrock.

The feedback from the IAPT service patients using the Be Mindful course was very positive. One such patient was offered Be Mindful after receiving a full course of one-to-one CBT:

“I found this course extremely valuable. It’s helped me get stronger every day. My anxiety is under control with the help of mindfulness and I will continue to use the techniques.”

Be Mindful is not limited to a healthcare setting; it’s also offered to corporate employees, charity volunteers, healthcare workers, to name a few, and anyone can access the course directly through the public website, with almost half of all costs going back to Be Mindful’s UK charity partner, the Mental Health Foundation to support their continued efforts in campaigning for everyone’s improved mental health and wellbeing.

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