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The upgraded release of Wellmind Health's clinically proven Pathway through Pain online course has greatly increased the accessibility and reach of the digital pain management programme (PMP).

Since its launch in 2010, thousands of NHS patients have taken the medication-free online course, which guides participants through an intensive Pain Management Programme (PMP) as recommended by NICE for the self-management of chronic musculoskeletal pain. The new fully responsive and mobile-friendly version means it is even easier for chronic pain patients to incorporate the Pathway's self-management training into their daily life. 

"Following this upgrade, Pathway through Pain is now even more accessible. Our digital self-management training is now available on the go, requiring only an internet connection. We are delighted to make it even easier for patients to access this valuable and often life-changing training."

Richard Latham, CEO, Wellmind Health

Mobile PTP Promo

From GP Surgeries and Pain Clinics to IAPT and Community Health Services, patients are offered the Pathway through Pain online PMP in conjunction with their existing pain pathways or as a standalone intervention. Academic and clinical research studies form leading institutions show the online Pathway reduces healthcare costs and the work burden on clinical teams in addition to significantly improving patient outcomes.

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