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Pathway through Pain joins Wellmind Health's Be Mindful programme on the NHS Apps Library.

Wellmind Health's digital Pain Management Programme (PMP), Pathway through Pain, has successfully completed the rigorous assessment process for inclusion in the NHS Apps Library. The NHS Apps Library helps patients and the public find trusted digital health and wellbeing tools that have been assessed to be clinically safe and secure to use.

Digital tools approved for the NHS Apps Library help ensure people are better able to take an active role in managing their own mental and physical health. The medication-free and evidence-based Pathway through Pain online course has passed multiple stringent assessments, in addition to demonstrating clinical effectiveness in the self-management of chronic/persistent musculoskeletal pain.

Approved NHS Apps Library apps and digital tools are tested to ensure they meet rigorous NHS quality standards and the high level of security required to handle clinical and personally sensitive data, and satisfy usability and accessibility, interoperability and technical stability requirements.

Pathway through Pain is already provided to patients across the UK, from GP Surgeries and Pain Clinics to IAPT and Community Health Services. A 2019 research study published in the British Journal of Pain found that patients who completed the Pathway made significant improvements across various outcome measures and also reported a large average healthcare cost saving of £240 per patient in the year after the intervention.

"We've been working with regional NHS pain services to achieve the highest clinical standards for Pathway through Pain since its launch back in 2011, so it's exciting to have this recognition at a national level. The NHS continues to lead the way in promoting the benefits of using apps to effectively self-manage chronic health conditions."

Richard Latham, CEO, Wellmind Health

Read the press release here:

Pathway through Pain NHS Apps Library Press Release Aug 2020

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