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The preliminary findings of a research study conducted by Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, tracking healthcare costs (from in-patient, out-patient and A&E services) for chronic pain patients, shows a significant reduction in healthcare costs for patients taking the Pathway through Pain online course.

The data indicates that the group who used Pathway through Pain had a large average healthcare cost reduction of £414.77 in the year after the intervention, compared with an increased average cost of £127.01 for the group who had ‘treatment as usual’ during this period. 

The interim analysis was exhibited as a poster presentation at the British Pain Society Annual Scientific Conference in Harrogate, May 2016. The full poster, which also details significant clinical outcomes for Pathway through Pain participants, can be found here:

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Poster on Cost Savings - Poster thumb

These interim findings are very promising and will be of interest to any NHS pain service looking to provide a highly cost-effective treatment solution and reduce the work burden of their clinical pain service team.

Reference: Pimm, J., Maloney, C., Woods, N., Pickering, S., Watsham, E., Coote, L., Nayoan, J., Khalsa, R., & Sirhan, F. (May, 2016). An evaluation of a web-based pain management programme ‘Pathway Through Pain’: an interim analysis. British Pain Society Annual Conference 2016, Harrogate

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