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UK mental health and wellbeing digital app developer, Wellmind Health are pleased to announce the release of an expansion set of guided meditations to their popular Meditainment web app.

Since Meditainment’s re-launch as a web app in 2015, tens of thousands of people have avidly followed the journey of guided meditations, reporting outstanding levels of user satisfaction, with an average star rating of 4.2 out of 5, for all 18 unique meditative destination experiences.

Meditainment is an audio delivered experience involving a blend of secular meditation techniques with stories, music and sounds of nature. Users are taken on a unique meditative journey, exploring 18 different dreamlike visualized destinations - it’s meditation that takes you places! Now, with the newly released expansion set, users can bring the meditation skills they’ve developed from the 18 meditative destinations into a more practical arena, while keeping the enjoyment and high quality they’ve come to expect from Meditainment.

The eagerly awaited expansion set of guided meditations includes meditation music to encourage self-guided meditation, and meditative exercises for specific practical purposes, such as sleep, managing pain, self-motivation, self-esteem, busting stress, and much more, as well as two extra meditation destinations to explore!

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"We are just as excited as our users for this new release – the 16 meditations in the expansion set offer something for everyone, including useful short practical exercises that can be quickly used when needed most in daily life, and with Meditainment being a web app, it’s always just a couple of clicks away! Pleased to offer an inclusive meditation experience that’s fun and exciting while still being incredibly good for you." says Rebecca Millard, Client Services Director of Wellmind Health.

The guided meditations are also used by chronic pain patients of the UK National Health Service (NHS) through Wellmind Health’s digital pain management programme (PMP), Pathway through Pain, of which the meditations are a very popular aspect.

Wellmind Health are proud to partner with leading healthcare providers and charities to produce evidence-based digital apps to improve mental wellbeing, and know that through hard work, listening to its audience, and the support of app users, will continue to develop popular, enjoyable and highly beneficial programs to improve the wellbeing of many.

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