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A RAND Europe study commissioned by Public Health England (PHE) identified Be Mindful as a top-five intervention of all assessed.

The Study entitled 'Identifying Promising Practices in Health & Wellbeing at Work' was commissioned by PHE in order to review the evidence landscape of workplace health and wellbeing interventions. The purpose of the study was to understand the landscape of workplace wellbeing interventions, the extent and quality of evidence and what impact the approaches are generating.

Image from RAND report

The report was designed to help support organisations when considering their workplace wellbeing offer. The RAND report applied the Nesta Standards of Evidence framework, which uses a stepped hierarchy to assess the level of evidence underlying an intervention, ranging from Level 1-5. Be Mindful achieved a Nesta Level 3 score, demonstrating the course’s high-quality and valid evidence base.

The Be Mindful Pathway was highlighted along with four other high-scoring workplace wellbeing interventions. Mental health was strongly represented in the 117 submissions, yet only 27 interventions were graded Level 2 or above.

"We work hard to achieve the highest standards and build a strong evidence base for the effectiveness of the Pathway. This recognition is a proud moment for Be Mindful and will hopefully aid the decision-making process for organisations looking to implement an effective workplace wellbeing offering"

Rebecca Millard, Client Services Director, Wellmind Health

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