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Wellmind Health has now expanded into the US market with the opening of the Boston office of its US subsidiary, Wellmind Health Inc. The new office is the next step in the company’s continued expansion of its team and ability to provide an enhanced service in more territories.

“The US market represents a tremendous opportunity for Wellmind Health Inc.” said Managing Director, Robert Adair, who will head the new office. “We’re excited at the opportunity to leverage our close proximity to world-class hospitals and companies into forming meaningful partnerships within the US digital healthcare sector.”

The Greater Boston area is a leading hub for the US healthcare economy and provides an attractive base from which to build out Wellmind Health’s presence into the US market. The large number of top-ranked universities and academic medical centres have made the area a leading hub for life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and software. The addition of a digital healthcare sector is a natural progression in industry development.

“Increasing attention is being paid to the efficacy and issues around the prescribing of opioid drugs for chronic pain and psychotropic medications for stress, depression and anxiety. Digital therapies such as our programmes are effective, economic and easily deployed and I hope our apps prove a valuable addition to the growing mix of medication-free alternatives for US doctors and their patients.”

Richard Latham, CEO, Wellmind Health

Read the press release here:

Wellmind Health US Office Press Release Aug 2020

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