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Since 27th March 2020, Wellmind Health have been giving away free lifetime access to their Meditainment library of guided meditations as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Meditainment employs the wellbeing benefits of guided meditation in a unique, engaging and enjoyable way, providing an easy and inclusive route to regular meditation practice that effectively reduces stress and promotes better mental health.

Users are led on imaginative journeys to dreamlike destinations to explore and reflect on a range of wellbeing topics. It’s ‘meditation that takes you places’, and since the launch of this free initiative, many thousands across the globe are following the guided meditations as an effective method for maintaining good mental health, while enjoying a sense of escape during lockdown.

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Now more than ever countless people are looking for something to help de-stress, beat anxiety, boost mood and relax deeply. Feedback has highlighted this great need and the importance of taking time out each day for a moment of calmness and return from a meditation recharged, ready to tackle anything.

“The exceptional situation in which we continue to find ourselves at present unfortunately has the potential to negatively affect people's mental health on a number of levels. We hope that by giving away the library for free, we’ll be helping in some way to alleviate the increased stress out there!”

Richard Latham - CEO, Wellmind Health

Wellmind Health are proud to continue to offer anyone free lifetime access to their Meditainment library of guided meditations for the duration of the lockdown via:

Medi Free

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