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The Courses

Pathway Through Pain Logo

through Pain

Designed by experts, prescribed by healthcare professionals and NHS-commissioned, Pathway through Pain is the only clinically validated digital Pain Management Programme (PMP).

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Be Mindful Logo

Be Mindful

NHS-commissioned and proven effective with outstanding results, Be Mindful is the only clinically validated online Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course.

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Meditainment Logo


With outstanding participant feedback, Meditainment delivers the mental health benefits of guided meditation and visualization on an engaging and highly impactful course.

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Approved by clinical authorities & trusted by employers

Our regulatory compliant and approved courses are NHS commissioned and provided to individuals in health and social care settings, as well as being trusted by employers to foster happier, healthier employees.

Management Portal & reports with embedded discretion

Course Portals facilitate simple management and monitoring of participants. Easily measure progress, success and effectiveness via assessments, behavioural analytics, outcome reports and more. Clinicians benefit from full access to data of their participants to provide supplemental support, while employers receive anonymised data so their employees can access the course with confidentiality.

Medication-free alternatives

Our clinical-grade digital therapeutic courses are standalone interventions or work in conjunction with existing treatments to help reduce the need for drug prescriptions and face-to-face appointments. Reduce costs and the demand on health services and promote a positive work and health culture.

Evidence-based outcomes

Wellmind Health's digital therapeutic courses have been trusted by clinicians and organisations to deliver outstanding results for over a decade. Published research studies on our courses by leading academic and clinical institutions continue to demonstrate their lasting effectiveness.