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The benefits

The Meditainment web-based course of engaging guided meditations helps participants become more rested, empowered and inspired.

Highly impactful
 Simple to setup & maintain
Secure Management Portal
Ongoing professional support
No contract required

This unique blend of established guided meditation and visualisation techniques helps transport participants on imaginative journeys to explore and reflect on a wide range of wellbeing themes. Highly accessible, this established course of audio meditations promotes better mental wellbeing in an inclusive, enjoyable and engaging way.

Outstanding participant feedback


First in the Wellmind Health family and clinically validated as an integral feature on our digital Pain Management Programme, Meditainment has received critical acclamation and outstanding user feedback for over a decade. These guided meditations are enjoyed by thousands every day, achieving high star-ratings and reviews reporting highly impactful health and wellbeing results.


"It makes you feel amazing. It's not easy to switch off on your own, this makes it very easy to relax. I look forward to opening up the different ones each time."

Meditainment Participant

I love every meditation you offer! Many times, your meditations have grounded me, reminded me of my worth & most importantly, saved my life. I can't say thank you enough!

Meditainment Participant

"Very excellent way in making you put all your anxieties to one side and focus on yourself. The scenarios really relax you and calm your mind."

Meditainment Participant

"Wonderful... my first introduction to meditation and still the best I’ve come across. Has really helped me in challenging times."


Meditainment participant

Key Course Features

Flexible & Accessible

Web-based and on-demand, simple to follow and easy to access from mobile, tablet or desktop, with no time limits or restrictions

Engaging & Inclusive

Something for everyone, with a wide-range of immersive and easy-to-follow meditation journeys, music and exercises

Multiple Benefits

Promotes better health and wellbeing, stress and anxiety reduction, improved mood and sleep quality, and personal development

Highly Impactful

Used by NHS patients on Pathway through Pain for relaxation, sleep, stress and pain management, with outstanding user feedback

Unique & Enjoyable

12-week course fusing guided meditation and visualisation techniques with relaxing music and authentic sounds of nature

Lifetime Access

Participants take part at their own pace, with the full range of meditations available to access at leisure indefinitely after completing the course
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Work with us


We supply all the tools to successfully offer and provide Meditainment in an enterprise or healthcare setting. Using our specialised yet simple to use course Management Portal, employers and clinicians easily measure the impact and effectiveness of the course through anonymised behavioural analytics and engagement reports with all participants benefitting from being able to access the course with confidentiality.

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Quick and easy enrolment
Engagement reports
Outcome reports
Qualitative feedback
Professional support

Any questions?

Our FAQ page provides answers to the most common questions our clients ask prior to implementing our courses.


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