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Crossroads, Arizona, USA

Main contact: Dillon Stewart, Community Day Program Manager

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Create a package of complementary tools for a hybrid in-person and digital program

Provide effective, clinically proven CBT, mindfulness, and wellness

Ensure cost-effectiveness, ability to scale and outcome reporting for insurance reimbursement

Deliver engaging, educational support remotely to empower and support self-management

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Digital therapeutic Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy program in conjuction with digital CBT and meditation programs

Clinically proven results and NHS-approved

Engaging web-app, accessible on demand including on smartphones

Dashboard of participant analytics showing clear success and effectiveness measurements

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Outstanding client engagement and outcomes, including:

62% reduction in depression
61% reduction in anxiety
37% reduction in stress

Mobile digital support, empowering autonomy to self-manage

Ability to measure results following inpatient treatment and report results for insurance reimbursement

"Be Mindful is great. Large reductions in client anxiety is a crucial outcome as it's a primary trigger of substance abuse. The solid research and data behind Be Mindful provided the validation we required to adopt it and our program results are fantastic."

Community Day Program Manager
Crossroads Arizona

Participant Feedback

Be Mindful
“It helps keep me in tune with keeping an eye on how I am doing every day. It also helps me with responsibility.”

Participant Testimonial

Be Mindful
“I like the way it makes me feel better about myself and I look at life different now. I really care about my friends and my loved ones.”

Participant Testimonial

Be Mindful
“Be Mindful has shown me how to relieve stress and be aware of my body positions. It helped relieve my tension and be aware of my thoughts.”

Participant Testimonial

“I really like the modules because it teaches us to be mindful and aware of our senses. I also like the meditations and breathing techniques it teaches us.”


Participant Testimonial


Crossroads is a Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Service in Arizona, USA. Established over sixty years ago, their eleven centres offer inpatient and outpatient treatment services, treating an average of 3,000 clients each year.

In 2021, they launched the Crossroads Technology Assisted Care (CTAC) Programme following the introduction of remote support during the Covid-19 pandemic, a dramatic rise in fentanyl use in the US, and to enhance outpatient services. After researching digital interventions, in line with the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration Treatment Service's (SAMHSA) Treatment Improvement Protocols (TIPs), online CBT course cbt4cbt was implemented.

A pilot complementary package of user-friendly digital therapeutic tools with evidenced efficacy was then assembled for an all-male group with a chronic relapse history and co-occurring mental health disorders. Wellmind Health's Be Mindful and Meditainment programs were selected to work in conjunction with cbt4cbt, providing a holistic treatment package incorporating mindfulness and wellness.

As a non-profit enterprise, cost-effectiveness was an important factor for Crossroads. Scalability to cope with increased service use due to proliferating fentanyl use was also a key requirement. Be Mindful’s clinical engagement and outcome reporting means results are clearly demonstrable to the Medicaid government reimbursement program funding all participants in the group.

The CTAC programme has achieved outstanding results. Be Mindful has provided a highly engaging tool that also helps educate clients about their coping mechanisms. Be Mindful's supportive, on-demand nature and the empowering self-management skills learned enable Crossroads' clients to utilise them independently as they reintegrate into the community while on the 8-week CTAC program, and beyond it, helping to prevent relapse.

"Research on the impact of mindfulness on craving and trigger management has increased. Be Mindful is a vital element of our complementary CBT, mindfulness and wellness CTAC programme. It's proven efficacy, educational elements, and on-demand mobile nature are of huge value in supporting our clients."

Chief Clinical Quality Officer
Crossroads - USA

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