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Clinically approved, easy to use, medication-free

Accessible, flexible and resource-saving
Patients access Pathways online and on-demand, without the need for face-to-face sessions
Outstanding results in scientific studies
Evaluations in published scientific studies evidence significant and lasting results
Designed and delivered by experts
Be Mindful is the only clinically validated online Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) programme

Approved by multiple clinical authorities

Our digital Pathways are offered and provided to participants via the NHS Health Apps Library, the EMIS and Good Thinking App Libraries and by numerous NHS trusts.

Medication-free alternatives

Pathways are standalone interventions or work in conjunction with existing treatments to help reduce the need for drug prescriptions and face-to-face appointments.

Secure specialised management Portal

The Portal facilitates simple management and monitoring of participants. Easily measure progress, success and efficacy via assessments, behavioural analytics, outcome reports and more.

Outstanding long-term results

Be Mindful



Mindfulness Journal: May 2018 | RCT Study | University of Surrey

Pathway Through Pain



British Journal of Pain: July 2019 | Evaluation Study | Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Be Mindful



Mindfulness Journal: May 2018 | RCT Study | University of Surrey


Be Mindful is the only Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Pathway through Pain the only Pain Management Programme (PMP) approved for the NHS Health Apps Library, satisfying rigorous NHS-quality standards for clinical effectiveness, safety, security, usability and accessibility. The Pathways are provided to patients across the UK, from GP Surgeries and Pain Clinics to IAPT and Community Health Services.

See the LATEST research


Pathway through Pain is now integral to our pain service. It improves the quality of life of the patients we serve - and its improved my quality of life no end; I don’t tell patient after patient the same thing time and again in my clinic - the course does it for me!

Consultant in Pain Medicine
Somerset NHS Foundation Trust


Clear and up-front costs
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