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We do, the courses are online and on-demand, with automated email reminders and motivators to encourage engagement. Participants can take part at their own pace, in their own time with support from our service department when required. No intervening by your organisation is required.
Course places will remain open on your Management Portal indefinitely. They do not expire. Likewise, participants have their course access indefinitely with no time-limits or restrictions on completing the course.
Each participant is allocated a course place; once the enrolment is sent, it cannot be reinstated. Participants are reminded periodically to engage with a course.
Enrolments are managed through a web-based Management Portal, requiring just name and email address. Optional self-enrolment gateway is also available upon request.
We aim to have you setup and running within 1-3 days of purchase.
Our courses and platform have been rigorously assessed and approved by NHS Digital, satisfying the DAQ2 measures of clinical safety, data protection, security, usability and accessibility, reserved only for health apps deemed clinically safe and secure.
We offer fixed discounts which are automatically applied on our website checkout for bulk purchases of 100+ places.
There are no contracts or SLAs. We operate a simple standardised service whereby all participants, no matter their “sponsor” for a course, are the responsibility of Wellmind Health.
There are no hidden fees. We provide a simple upfront business model: Pre-purchase of course places for a set cost.
Yes. Promotional resources and ongoing client service support are provided to help you make best use of your course places.
The Management Portal provides behavioural analytics and clinical outcomes reporting, updated every 24 hours, so you can continually monitor success and effectiveness.
The web-based courses are accessible from mobile, tablet or desktop with an email address.