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Evidence-based digital Pathways
with outstanding outcomes

Wellmind Health Pathways are NHS-approved following rigorous assessment, listed on the NHS Health Apps Library and prescribed via the EMIS App Library. Our trusted medication-free online programmes are proven to significantly improve clinical outcomes while also reducing costs for healthcare providers. The Pathway interventions guide participants to reduce their levels of anxiety, depression and stress and self-manage chronic pain.

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Effective, digital, discreet -
Proven Pathways to better wellbeing

The importance and benefits of supporting employees' mental and physical wellbeing are increasingly recognised. Our clinically proven digital Pathways allow organisations to provide flexible, discreet, and highly effective support to employees with demonstrable results. Employers can be confident their wellbeing and mental health strategies are providing NHS-approved and proven effective support to colleagues that is confidential yet measurable.

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The accessibility of Wellmind Health’s high-quality digital courses means effective results can be realised by participants whether they have been referred by a healthcare professional or given the opportunity to take part through their workplace.

"Be Mindful has enabled clients at Inclusion Thurrock to access mindfulness in a way that suits them and fits into their lives. Wellmind have been supportive in the integration of Be Mindful into our service and have continued to be there with quick responses to any queries along the way."

CfD Counsellor & cCBT Co-ordinator
Inclusion Thurrock (NHS MPFT)

"I've found the uptake of Be Mindful to be excellent. The provider is extremely efficient & accommodating. The platform allows me to see participant progress & engagement with simple reporting, saves me time & demonstrates impact to commissioners. Most importantly, practitioners find it a useful tool to move people closer to work by helping them better manage their mental health"

Service Manager & Lead Senior Health Advisor
Ingeus Work and Health Programme

"Be Mindful is a really helpful and creative way for us to appeal to a wider client demographic within our IAPT service. Clients have benefitted from being able to access a structured and consistent online course in the comfort of their own home. We have been really pleased with the service and the contact we receive and would recommend to other IAPT providers."

Assistant Clinical Director
Faversham Counselling Service

"We currently have a pilot programme in operation, the system is easy to use for administration/enrolment of participants and our nominated contact Rebecca is always available for assistance and is very helpful"

HR Officer
Durham County Council

"The staff at Wellmind Health have been a pleasure to work with, their service has been first class - prompt, professional and personable. The course has been well received by my colleagues and our customers who have completed it."

Training Lead, Community Investment
Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing

"Always a quick response from the administrators if needing additional support or support for clients. Issues dealt with promptly and effectively (although there aren't many). Clients tell us it is easy to use, although at times 'challenging' (in that the material 'opens their eyes' to different opportunities to experience good mental health). All round good service and value of money"

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Rotherham IAPT - RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust

"With its listing on the NHS Apps Library, an RCT showing significant efficacy, and a track record of NHS commissions, and with real benefits associated with primary care referral, Be Mindful was a priority of ours for listing on the EMIS Apps Library. We're very much looking forward to help scale the benefits of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy"

Co-Lead & Associate Director
AppScript by IQVIA

"Be Mindful online is extremely helpful for the clients as they inform me of this. It is a great relapse prevention measure and I have had reports that they continue to practice long after the programme has finished. As for the support from Be Mindful admin, it is second to none. Support is quick and supportive and regular feedback is useful."

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Rotherham IAPT - RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust

"Pathway through Pain is now integral to our pain service. It improves the quality of life of the patients we serve - and its improved my quality of life no end; I don’t tell patient after patient the same thing time and again in my clinic - the course does it for me!"

Consultant in Pain Medicine
Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Multiple benefits with long-term results

Be Mindful



Mindfulness Journal: May 2018 | RCT Study | University of Surrey

Pathway Through Pain



British Journal of Pain: July 2019 | Evaluation Study | Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Be Mindful



Mindfulness Journal: May 2018 | RCT Study | University of Surrey


Our cost-effective digital Pathways are easy to access, easy to implement and easy to manage. The Be Mindful and Pathway through Pain programmes deliver significant results, evidenced by rigorous academic and clinical research studies and outstanding feedback from participants, organisations and prescribing practitioners.

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Approved by multiple clinical authorities & trusted by employers

Our digital Pathways are offered and provided to participants via the NHS Health Apps Library, the EMIS and Good Thinking App Libraries and by numerous NHS trusts, as well as being trusted by employers to foster happier, healthier employees. Easy to access, easy to implement and easy to manage.

Secure Management Portal & reports with embedded discretion

The Portal facilitates simple management and monitoring of participants. Easily measure progress, success and effectiveness via assessments, behavioural analytics, outcome reports and more. Clinicians benefit from full access to data of their participants to provide supplemental support, while employers receive anonymised data so their employees can access the course with confidentiality.

Medication-free alternatives

Pathways are standalone interventions or work in conjunction with existing treatments and interventions to help reduce the need for drug prescriptions and face-to-face appointments. The good thing to do but also a good thing to do help reduce the demand on health services by promoting a positive work and health culture.

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Our FAQ page provides answers to the most common questions our clients ask prior to implementing our Pathways.



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