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5 Star Rating

Wonderful... my first introduction to meditation and still the best I’ve come across. Has really helped me in challenging times.


Outstanding user feedback

Incredible! I’ve tried many apps and meditations in the past and always struggled. This time was different - I truly escaped from my worries and was absolutely amazed when the gentle voice told me that the 20 minute meditation was over. Meditation has never been so effortless for me -THANK YOU!

Meditainment participant - Mar 2020

I LOVE EVERY meditation you offer! Many times, your meditations have grounded me, reminded me of my worth & most importantly, saved my life. I can't say thank you enough!

Meditainment participant - Mar 2020

I often need help letting go of the chaos of the day. At those times it is particularly difficult to meditate normally because of the need to clear out thoughts and to just focus on “being calm in the moment”. Meditainment sessions offer calming replacement for the chaos. I only have to allow myself to be taken to a place which my mind visualizes. I have listened to your sessions so often that the places you take me to are real to me.

Meditainment participant - Feb 2020


First in the Wellmind Health family and clinically validated as an integral feature on Pathway through Pain, Meditainment has received critical acclamation and outstanding user feedback for nearly two decades. Ever growing in popularity, the guided meditations are enjoyed by thousands every day, achieving high star-ratings and reviews reporting highly impactful health and wellbeing results.



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