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NHS London Procurement Partnership Framework Supplier

Be Mindful one of only five products on the new London IAPT computerised CBT Framework on the NHS London Procurement Partnership national hub.

Wellmind Health’s Be Mindful digital therapeutic course has been announced as one of only five digital products now available through a new dedicated Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) procurement framework for digital products.

The new pan-London commissioning structure for computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (cCBT) solutions for IAPT services in London, the cCBT Framework, was one of the key deliverables identified in the Healthy London Partnership’s London Digital IAPT Programme, part of their Mental Health Transformation programme, with the IAPT Clinical Leads Network. It is supported by the NHS London Procurement Partnership (LPP), which manages, maintains and develops procurement framework agreements for the NHS and public sector organisations.

Mental illness is one of the largest single causes of disability in London and the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the urgency to improve access to mental wellbeing prevention and self-help resources and treatment. Improving the digital capability of local IAPT services can increase access and improve outcomes for Londoners while also reducing costs to the health system.

The IAPT cCBT service has several key aims, including to assist IAPT services with meeting IAPT access, waiting times, recovery targets and support positive patient outcomes, increase patient choices by providing access to round the clock cCBT, reduce waiting times in IAPT services by providing more choices for people accessing psychological therapies, and enable IAPT services to plan aftercare follow-up sessions with patients.

The assessment of suppliers involved ORCHA, the world’s leading digital health evaluation organisation. As part of the evaluation process products were subject to ORCHA Baseline Review and Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) Assessment. Suppliers had to provide DTAC responses, which ORCHA then reviewed, with Be Mindful having already successfully undergone independent DTAC assessment and Baseline Review by ORCHA.

Thirty-two London IAPT services are currently engaging with the cCBT Framework, with plans for national expansion.

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