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We welcome research enquiries

Millions of people experience mental health issues each year and suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis. Wellmind Health is committed to providing high-quality drug-free digital interventions that make a positive and lasting impact on real lives. These clinically approved digital therapeutic programs have been used in numerous seminal clinical and academic research studies, and published in leading scientific journals.

Dedicated to the pursuit of furthering knowledge in the field of mental health and chronic pain management, the team are always pleased to consider the use of our digital programs in studies of any size and budget. 

Whether you are planning a small or large-scale research study into the effect of Guided Meditation, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) or Pain Management Programmes (PMP), our Meditainment, Be Mindful and Pathway through Pain programs can be used to deliver the respective therapy to your participants effectively.

The programs are easily facilitated via a specialised web-based Management Portal that is tailored to suit your study. You will be allocated as many participant groups as needed and have control over who you enrol and when using a simple enrolment tool. Also included: anonymity options, raw assessment data, progress monitoring, and more.

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