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Evaluating Pathway through Pain

A research study conducted with the chronic pain service of Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust measured the outcomes for chronic pain patients enrolled on our Pathway through Pain online course.

The study shows that patients who completed the course made significant improvements with regard to their perceived health status, level of disability, mood, confidence managing pain, problems in life due to pain and level of pain. Around one-third of participants made reliable changes in their levels of disability, depression and anxiety.

The research also indicates that patients who completed Pathway through Pain achieved significant improvements in the following outcome measures, from pre-intervention to post-intervention:

  • 14% Reduction of Disability (ODI)
  • 20% Improvement in Quality of Life (EQ-VAS)
  • 20% Improvement of Confidence in Managing Pain 
  • 24% Reduction of Problems in Daily Life
  • 16% Reduction of Pain Level
  • 23% Reduction in Depression (PHQ-9)
  • 22% Reduction in Anxiety (GAD-7)










The research also tracked the healthcare costs of chronic pain patients from in-patient, out-patient and A&E services. The data indicates that the group who completed Pathway through Pain had a large average healthcare cost reduction of £240 in the year after the intervention.

The research findings evaluating the clinical effectiveness and cost-savings of Pathway Through Pain were published in the British Journal of Pain in July 2019.

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We welcome research enquiries

Wellmind Health NHS-assessed and approved digital courses have been used in numerous clinical and academic research studies that further knowledge in the field of mental health and chronic pain management. Dedicated to this pursuit, the Wellmind team welcome all research enquiries to consider the use of their courses in studies of any size and budget.

Be Mindful delivers Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Pathway through Pain delivers an intensive Pain Management Programme (PMP), so whether you are planning a small or large-scale research study, these digital courses can be used to deliver the therapy to your participants easily and effectively.