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Deploy on the Wellmind Platform

The Wellmind Digital Therapeutics (DTx) platform was created exclusively for the development, deployment and delivery of behavioural change interventions, and the reporting of their clinical effectiveness. We can provide you with all the tools you need to offer and provide clinical-grade Digital Therapeutic (DTx) courses in a healthcare or enterprise setting.

Our health tech partners benefit from the knowledge that as well as the platform demonstrating outstanding measures of efficacy and engagement, it has been examined, validated, and certified in terms of internationally recognised regulatory standards for clinical-grade Digital Therapeutics (DTx). This gives our partners the confidence that their digital health apps meet clinical safety, data protection, technical security, interoperability as well as usability and accessibility standards.

The highly specialized, cloud-based DTx platform is accessible via a secure web-based management interface. This interface enables administrators, clinicians and therapists to manage course participants, monitor engagement and satisfaction with a course, and report on assessed health outcomes, using a variety of clinical outcome measurements.


The DTx platform offers a fully featured, extensible API, with role-based permissions that enable integration with healthcare platforms. It's security-focused, cloud-based architecture adheres to strict security, compliance, and risk management controls.

The platform is regulatory compliant for the delivery of a digital therapeutic in clinical settings in the UK, European Union, Canada and USA.

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  • Secure Management Portal, through which administrators can manage all aspects of course facilitation and measure success and effectiveness. Including automated aggregated engagement and outcomes reporting.
  • The Management Portal houses a quick & easy enrolment process as well as self-registration web-forms that are super-simple to setup.
  • Gathering of both quantitative clinical assessments (e.g. Anxiety GAD7, Depression PHQ9, Stress PSS) and qualitative feedback in the form of participant testimonials and satisfaction ratings.
  • Roles-based access to personal/healthcare data. Clinicians and therapists benefit from full access to their clients' data to provide supplemental support and update client record systems. Employers receive anonymised data so their employees can access the course with full confidentiality
  • Resource hosting to aid in promoting a course with posters, images and videos, as well as helpful guides and how-tos for example.
  • If platform interoperability is important to you, our secure API enables integration with other IT systems, including electronic patient records (EPRs) as required.


  • Market-proven and rigorously tested Web-app format, meaning the course can be participated in at any time, from anywhere, using any device with a web browser.
  • A customised course structure designed to fit in with any lifestyle, with no time-limits. But with the advantage of automated user re-engagement prompting built right in.
  • Feel guided & supported as expert teachers guide and support you through each step of a flexible on-demand course.
  • Self-assessment tools chart your progress and help you understand where you are improving.
  • Learn skills for life and feel supported by motivational emails.
  • Enjoy lifetime access to a library of resources and private personal journal.

Please get in touch if you have courses, applications or content that could benefit from the backing of our platform.

Platform Consultancy

Our consultancy expertise is derived from the development of our digital therapeutics (DTx) platform and the practical challenges of deploying digital therapeutics in healthcare settings that require compliance with clinical regulatory standards.

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With a plethora of non-clinically validated wellness and patient support apps out there, the importance of meeting compliance benchmarks has become paramount in order to stand apart and gain acceptance in healthcare settings. We expect to see even further growth in digital health and, alongside, increased regulation and compliance needs.

We all have work to do to meet the challenges ahead!

Wellmind Health can help you to demystify this often-confusing realm by identifying major areas you'll need to consider and key actions that you'll need to both achieve compliance and stay compliant as the landscape continues to evolve.

Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC)
Data Security
User Privacy
Accessibility & Usability
Technical Security
Clinical Safety
Clinical Effectiveness
System Interoperability
Data Storage & Processing

Please get in touch if you'd like to know more about our knowledge of the regulatory landscape surrounding DTx platforms.