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Be Mindful



per course place

(10-100 participants)

Suitable for getting started quickly, large operations testing the water by running a pilot, or one-off health & wellbeing drives

Be Mindful



per course place

(100-500 participants)

Suitable for establishing health & wellbeing initiatives, building ongoing campaigns, or running large pilots or research studies

Be Mindful



Tailored to your needs

(500+ participants)

Suitable for cultivating deep-rooted health & wellbeing initiatives, running long-term campaigns, or where complex integrations are required

All of our Packages include:

    • Access to a specialised and secure web-based Management Portal
    • Simple course enrolment process with option of a bespoke self-enrolment gateway¬†
    • Full health outcome reports and behavioural analytics to measure effectiveness
    • Professional support from a dedicated account manager through implementation and ongoing
    • A range of resources to help you promote the course

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