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High-quality with demonstrable results

Outstanding results in scientific studies
Evaluations in published scientific studies evidence significant and lasting results
Designed and delivered by experts
Be Mindful is the only clinically validated online Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) programme
Prescribed by clinicians and on the NHS Health Apps Library after satisfying rigorous NHS quality standards

Outcome reports with embedded discretion

Employees access the course with confidentiality while behavioural analytics and full outcome reports measure success and effectiveness for employers.

Flexible, effective, cost-effective

The Be Mindful flexible online Pathway is easy to access, easy to implement and easy to manage with a dedicated management Portal.

Foster happier, healthier employees

The good thing to do, but also a good thing to do. Enhance staff attraction & retention, productivity, attendance and a positive culture.

Outstanding long-term results

Be Mindful



British Journal of Midwifery: Oct.2018 | RCT Study | Universities of Southampton & Oxford

Be Mindful



BMJ Open: Nov.2013 | Evaluation Study | University of Oxford

Be Mindful



Mindfulness: May.2018 | RCT Study | University of Surrey

Highly impactful results are backed up by academic and clinical research studies and outstanding feedback from participants. Clinically recognised assessments measure mental health outcomes in a confidential manner that allows employees to feel truly comfortable engaging.

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I've found the uptake of Be Mindful to be excellent. The provider is extremely efficient & accommodating. The platform allows me to see participant progress & engagement with simple reporting, saves me time & demonstrates impact to commissioners. Most importantly, practitioners find it a useful tool to move people closer to work by helping them better manage their mental health

Service Manager & Lead Senior Health Advisor
Ingeus Work and Health Programme

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